Wherever You Are in Life, Growth is Possible

Providing psychotherapy to all age groups, including, children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.


No matter your age, life can present challenges. This is true even for young children. Through talking, playing and other activities, our therapists help children express their feelings, share their thoughts and learn the tools needed to thrive. Our warm, comforting, home-like setting is an ideal environment to help them navigate the process of growing and developing, or if necessary, address traumatic events.


The pre-teen and teen years can be some of life’s most challenging for adolescents and their parents. Our experienced therapists help adolescents learn the necessary skills and strategies to address the struggles they may face with family, school, peers, social media and society.


Life continues to present changes and challenges as adults face the intricacies of navigating their past, present and future. Our experienced therapists can help address the emotions, memories, fears and feelings that hold many people back from becoming their best self and reaching their life goals. We help adults learn healthier strategies to cope with stress, improve relationships, feel better and live in the moment.


Even the most well-balanced relationships often leave one feeling angry, isolated, unheard or misunderstood. Stresses and life pressures can also leave many couples in a constant state of conflict and hostility. Therapy can help bring couples together to ensure all are heard in a calm, rational manner. Our experienced therapists help you diffuse differences and work toward an improved relationship. Through an approach that is personalized to your needs, we can guide you to build the relationship you want and deserve.


Every stage of life brings new challenges. Our therapists help you identify and develop beneficial ways to work through major upheavals such as illness of a family member, loss, separation/divorce, re-marriage, blending families, oppositional children and other stressful situations. You don’t need to live in constant conflict. Find strength by working with a trained therapist who can help you address complex problems, set appropriate goals and develop healthy patterns. We support your efforts to improve interactions and build strong family connections.


Group therapy is often a safe haven that can be used by itself or integrated with individual therapy. It helps people feel supported as they share experiences and progress toward feelings of hope, confidence and acceptance. Sessions are focused on unique needs, including developing skills, communication and relationships. Together we help you understand and practice new approaches and behaviors to achieve a more fulfilling life.

Lake Forest Wellness offers group sessions for students transitioning from high school to college and from college to the workplace. We also offer groups for new parents and existing parents.

A more fulfilling life is within reach